Expert Wound Care Coordination

We know it’s challenging to coordinate with multiple medical teams for wound care services, ensuring everyone gets the same information while being proactive and focused on the patient’s dignity and needs while on their journey to healing.

At Personic Health, we’re proud to offer coordination of mobile wound care. It’s our goal to provide personalized care coordination to enhance outcomes for everyone involved: patients, healthcare providers, family members, and insurance providers.

care coordination

Care Coordination with Personic Health

Our team actively coordinates with Primary Care Physicians, Home Health Care agencies, and other Specialty Providers to ensure seamless communication and collaboration among healthcare providers. This commitment ensures the highest quality of care for each patient, emphasizing the importance of a unified and coordinated approach to healthcare delivery.

Coordination of care can help reduce rehospitalization reinfection and help decrease missed wound care visits, which can lead to a risk of reinfection or amputation.

Wound Care Coordination is a Necessity

Wound complications can cause a backlog of care needs and communication, often resulting in a decrease in the patient’s wound care needs to be met, from delayed referrals preventing urgent wounds from being tended to or specialists not getting the referral diagnostics they need to be able to make patient-centric decisions when you partner with Personic Health, we help eliminate the confusion, providing consistent, timely communication with every party.

Care coordination can also help prevent erroneous insurance charges for the patient and extra incurred costs for your facility.

Working with Personic Health care coordination will help:

  • Prevent reinfection and decrease missed off-site wound care appointments.
  • Create patient-centric care plans.
  • Establish lines of communication with the patient’s medical team.
  • Help create continuous monitoring of the patient's overall health.
  • Help improve healing times and improve the patient’s prognosis.

Care Coordination with Personic Health also allows us to provide comprehensive treatment, utilizing FDA-approved solutions to foster faster and more effective healing, with up-to-date records provided to the patient’s treatment team, allowing them to continue to provide high-quality holistic care and patient-centric solutions. Our expert at-home wound care specialists provide comprehensive wound care protocols, preventative measures, and early detection measures and help foster a proactive and healing dialogue with the patient, their medical team, and their family so we’re all on the same page.

Choosing Personic Health for our state-of-the-art wound care services puts the patient's comfort at the forefront. Our dedication to excellence, utilization of FDA-approved solutions, and personalized approach guarantee that you receive top-tier care at every step of your healing process. Reach out to us today to discover a new standard of comprehensive wound care delivered to the patient’s residence. We serve patients from Chicago, IL, Baltimore, MD, Richmond, VA Detroit, MI, and Philadelphia. PA.