Mobile At-Home UltraMIST Ultrasound Wound Therapy

Advanced Wound Care with Noncontact Ultrasound Therapy Using the UltraMist System

Personic Health is committed to providing patients with the latest and most effective wound care solutions, including the UltraMIST Therapy System, a convenient mobile wound care service that administers low-frequency ultrasound directly to the treatment area, all within the comfort and privacy of your home.

ultramist ultrasound therapy

What Are The Benefits of the Ultramist System?

The UltraMIST System employs low-frequency ultrasound technology through a noncontact medium, such as saline. This process creates a soothing mist that effectively cleans and assists in debridement, removing unwanted tissue, exudates, and bacteria. This pain-free, noninvasive method fosters healing and minimizes the risk of infection in the comfort of the patient’s residence. 

Key Advantages of the UltraMist System in Wound Care:

Enhanced Healing: Efficiently controls inflammation, disrupts bacterial biofilms, and helps prevent microbial overgrowth.

Improved Circulation: Encourages vasodilation and expedites angiogenesis, leading to quicker wound recovery.

Accelerated Recovery: Decreases the duration of treatment and delivers rapid relief for patients.

Cost-Effective Treatment: Lowers the overall burden on the healthcare system and conserves resources, avoiding the need for less effective treatments.

The UltraMIST System is suitable for a wide array of wounds, including:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Venous leg ulcers
  • Deep tissue pressure injuries
  • Post-surgical wounds

Receiving wound care at home with the UltraMIST System presents numerous benefits for patients, their families, and healthcare providers, improving the overall treatment experience and fostering better health outcomes. Advantages of mobile UltraMist wound care treatments include:

Less Travel and Time Commitment: Home-based treatment negates the need for patients to visit healthcare facilities, saving time and lessening the burden, especially for those with limited mobility.

Comfort of Familiar Surroundings: Patients can receive treatment in the safety and comfort of their homes, promoting a supportive and familiar environment that can positively influence emotional health and encourage healing while decreasing the risk of infections.

Improved Treatment Compliance: Being treated at home encourages regular and consistent use of the UltraMIST System, as patients can better manage their schedules and follow prescribed treatment plans more effectively. Statistics show that patients who maintain consistent wound care post-discharge are 25% less likely to need hospital readmission.

Personic Health Mobile Wound Care at the Patient’s Bedside

We know it’s complicated for staff, families, and patients to coordinate travel for wound care visits, sometimes multiple times a week. We help eliminate the need for travel coordination and long wait times in uncomfortable waiting rooms. We provide bedside wound care services to:

Personic Health's home delivery of wound care with the UltraMIST System emphasizes a patient-centric approach, enhancing convenience, adherence, independence, and emotional well-being. This method can also contribute to cost savings and minimize disruption to everyday life.

Contact Personic Health today to learn more about the UltraMIST System and how best we can assist you. We serve patients from Chicago, IL, Baltimore, MD, Richmond, VA Detroit, MI, and Philadelphia. PA.